Friday, August 1, 2014

We Simply Cannot Protect Them From Everything

The 'job' of a parent is to prepare children for the adult world, and to make sure they can manage on their own.  I'm sure we'd like to hold that off as long as we possibly can.  As life happens we find that we simply cannot protect them from some of the harsh realities that come their way.  Many times a tragedy will strike, a chronic illness with affect a family, or a sudden change in their lifestyle occurs and the world gets turned upside down. What can a parent do to help?  Here is what I suggest:

1.  Allow each child to express themselves as they need.  There should be no judgement.  Anger is ok.  Laughter is ok.  Sadness is ok.  No emotion is ok.  Everything is ok.

2.  Do things together as a family.  Even if  it is simply staying home.  Play games.  Watch TV.  Eat meals.  Be sure that you are together.  Do they need time with their friends?  Let them have that time...but be sure they return home after a short visit.

3.  Be truthful about your circumstances.  Be mindful of their age, and what they can handle when sharing information, but kids will listen, be concerned, and will overhear conversations.  They will know something is wrong.  Let them in, and then reassure them that all will be alright.  Knowing that as a family, you will get through, will help them cope. They need to be able to trust you, so I do not recommend lying to them.

4.  Absolutely seek the guidance of a professional (a psychologist/medical professional who works with children and young adults) promptly.  For the kids, and for yourself.  This can be short or a long term solution.  You can work with this professional to decide, but this will be critical.

If this post is one that is necessary for your family, I wish you peace.  I trust you will get it soon.

Keep it simple...and have faith.  ♥D

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  1. The adversity you guys are facing right now is overwhelming, but seeing you with your kids this week and talking with you about how you are caring for them makes me so proud of you! this blog is great advice for families dealing with grief/stress