Thursday, July 17, 2014

Are you listening? Do you HEAR me?

I took some time off from the blog to stop talking and to listen and hear some of what was going on in my own household.  We can so easily get distracted by the noise in our daily lives that we are simply moving forward with what is practically 'the prescribed plan'.  I'm going to talk about my teenage daughter, an athlete, who is was college bound with an athletic scholarship.  One that she doesn't really want to use.  Don't get me wrong, she loves her sport, but she is growing into a wonderful young woman who is career focused now. She is also an independent thinker.  I smile as I keep reminding parents to 'raise kids to become independent and ready to live their own responsible adult life', and it's happening here in my home.  But, was I paying close enough attention?  Was I listening?  Yes.  Was I hearing her as she expressed her desires for her career?  Maybe not as well as I should have.  But, I'm listening and hearing her now.

It was the middle of a sleepless night and I heard her.  I got it, so to speak.  I'm so grateful for that light bulb moment.  We've made some college and career changes, just in the last few weeks, based on her desires, not mine. Parents have to ask questions of their children, and guide them, but also know their heart.  What do they want to do with their life.  Some have no clue at age 17.  Some do.  Are you listening?  Probably.  But are you paying attention to what they really love?  What is their passion?  Did it change?  Think about your own life...are you doing what your mother and/or father wanted you to do OR are you doing what you want to do?  I certainly hope it's the latter.  Check in.  Love them no matter what.  Give them guidance and allow them to change their mind.

I've added a little Big Bang Theory comic relief on 'Bad Listening'...enjoy.  

Keep it simple...though sometimes, it's a little difficult.  ♥D

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