Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby, Those Are Fireworks!

It's time to celebrate our nation's freedom and independence!  Backyard BBQ's, pool parties, and the fun of...fireworks.  Depending on the age of your child, you may not be feeling so free and independent.  The fun of the 4th can suddenly go with the anxiety of the fireworks.  I'm no therapist or counselor, but over the years I've learned that the anxieties kids experience are real and should be treated with compassion, kindness and empathy.  Here's a few thoughts on getting through the next few days...

1.  Find out why your child is afraid?  Is it the noise (most likely) or is it the fear of the crowd of people and getting separated from you in that crowd?  Talk with your child about the fears.  Discuss the plan to ensure safety in a crowd.

2.  If it is noise, explain that following the noise, there will be beautiful lights and colors.

3.  Try to overcome the fear, or deal with the fears with's one you can sing together (to the tune of 'Jingle Bells') Firework, Firework, I'm not afraid of you, You are loud, and you are bright,  lighting up the night.  Or you can pick any of your favorite songs that works for your family.

4.  As each firework 'pops', let the kids jump, or yell at it...whatever eases and releases their anxieties.

5.  Give them headphones (the BIG ones, not earbuds) and let them watch from inside a house or car.

6.  Don't force them to watch if they are weary...invite them.  They will come when ready.

Finally, stay relaxed as mom or dad.  This is important.  If you are anxious for them, they will sense it.  Kids are so smart.  If you have to miss the fireworks for a year or two to spend those moments a little closer with your little won't regret it.  I promise.  Watch this sweet, sweet video of dad/daughter below and see how they get through the fireworks.  There's still time for you to go out and purchase your own little baby pink guitar.  ;)

Keep it simple...Happy 4th of July!  ♥D

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