Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Breakfast

I sit and type this Sunday morning thinking about Father's Day was the last one I spent with my dad.  It was a gorgeous Sunday, similar to what today looks to be, and he really enjoyed the day with my two young children (they were 4 and 3).  He ran around outside squirting them with squirt guns and played in the kiddie pool.  It really was a great day.  As we pulled away from the house to head home, I knew that was my last father's day with him.  I'm pretty sure he did too, that's why he made the most of it.

What is important to take away from that day is that it wasn't stressful.  It was simple, spontaneous fun yet I can vividly remember most moments from that precious day.  It was full of play and joy.  Had my kids been a bit older, I'm sure they would remember the day as I do.  So I ask you, what are you doing today?

I was also thinking about the children who are missing that person in their life with the label of father/dad/daddy.  Try to keep today positive.  Let children honor mom again.  Celebrate grandpa, an uncle, or cousin who may act as an adult male role model in your child's life.  If your children are lucky, they are surrounded by positive influences shaping them into their future selves.  Let the children celebrate them in some way.  This will help them realize that they do have people in their lives that really care.

Enjoy today. Keep it simple...and check out this video of some things dads can't do.  Who knew?  ♥D

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