Friday, June 6, 2014

If You're Given A Few Months...Or Even Ten Minutes

Not too long ago I was given what I now call a gift of a few months to do with what I wanted.  I didn't take full advantage of that time.  I spent much of it worrying, stressed, and yes, eating (oh no!). They say hindsight is 20/20.  That is certainly true.  If I had that time back, I would had made some different choices. 

Sometimes, it's just out of our control.

Worry is natural, but try not to let it overwhelm.  Many times life just doesn't make any sense.  There is an excellent quote from Corrie ten Boom that she has in Clippings From My Notebook..."Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow, it empties today of its strength."  Worry does not make us stronger and is not the example we want to set for our children.  We want them to be strong and resilient, yet empathetic.  It is okay to share with them that today is a hard day for mom/dad (building on their empathy) but that we are going to be alright.  Give them an example they can relate to such as, 'remember the day you took that tough math test and worried about it?  I'm having that kind of day, but all is well now that you're home!'  Then move on with your children to something fun.  You do not want to burden them with your worry.  Kids are very intuitive.  Here's 5 ideas I recommend when given the gift of time:

1.  Exercise...with your kids!
2.  Open the recipe book and learn to cook something new (and healthy!)
3.  Read more books for yourself and with your children...what are they reading?
4.  Play 'old fashioned' games...Monopoly, Sorry!, Rummy, War, Old Maid, Go Fish 
     with them.
5.  You may find yourself cleaning up the house a little more...don't get upset if your 
     family comes home and 'lives' in it.  Let them continue to enjoy their home.  They
     have enough rules to follow at school and work.

Finally, I've included a video from the adorable Kid President.  He made it for moms.  I'd like to add that this is for dads too!  We need both of you.  Kids need both of you.  Keep it simple not worry about the things we cannot control.  ♥D

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