Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear Principal, One last thing, before we break for summer...I've heard that teacher really doesn't like kids...

As the school year winds down, many of you should be getting ready to head off to the joys of summer.  I know that the teachers are!  The countdown began about mid-April.  Unfortunately for some, instead of relaxing, anxiety for the new school year has already started.  How many of you have requested a meeting with your child's current teacher and/or school administration to "suggest" or come right out and ask for a specific teacher?

Why did you do it?  Was it because of a previous experience with your other children?  Or was it because of (and please don't say it is so) rumors from the mill (ie, school parking lot) that the teacher doesn't really like the kids? Or is a terrible teacher? Whatever your reason is I ask you to consider the following philosophy that will be discussed here often:

"Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child"

We learn from all experiences.  Most teachers are not in this field if they do not like children.  Schools and districts are held accountable to a set of standards that must be met.  They want quality teachers.  It is unfair to pre-judge anyone, in any circumstance.  And yes, every now and again, there is a teacher that needs development and work.  That is the true in every field.  But remember, they are professionals in their field.  They are degreed.  They have to continually update their certifications to keep them current. Continually.  There are usually protocols in place for conversations when and if concerns come up.  A structured classroom is not indicative of an uncaring, unkind classroom.  That is a room where kids know what to expect.  

I absolutely encourage you to meet the teacher, ask good questions and directly address rumors with the administration.  They have probably heard them.   Hopefully your mind can be put at ease. 

I challenge you to give 'that' teacher a chance.  You just might be pleasantly surprised.  If you have concerns after the school year begins, then follow the protocols in place for effective, cooperative communication.

See below for a little comic relief.  :)  Keep it simple...have faith in your school!  ♥D

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