Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Christmas is just around the corner.  It's a time that is supposed to be cherished and celebrated with family and friends.  All too often I find myself in a parking lot, racing with my turn signal on making sure everyone knows that I'm about to park right there...and they can't have that space.  I'll see people in line berating a cashier, who has probably just worked a 10 hour shift, for something that is beyond his/her control.  And then, I see lines...lines, lines, lines.  We are waiting to purchase, to see Santa, or to visit some spectacular holiday event.  All of these are truly a test of our patience.

So, what are some of my joys during this mad rush?  I'd like to share them with you, and hope that you can take a moment to reflect on and add a simple activity to your family that slows it all down, and keeps peace, and joy in the season.

1.  The Handprint Tree Skirt - A favorite for my kids.  Each year we used our plain tree skirt, and painted the kids hands, and slapped them on the skirt (in one of the panels).  At the bottom we put the year.  You need to use an appropriate paint for fabric.  I also assigned each of my 3 kids their own color so they would know which prints were theirs.  We have filled two skirts over the years, and they look's a wonderful tradition!

2.  Cookie Making - I'm sure many of you do this.  Keep doing it with the kids and let them help and make a mess.  But also, make sure they help you with the clean-up.  This should be a start to finish project that the whole family can enjoy.  Set reasonable limits - too many cookies, and you'll lose your cooks!

3.  The Holiday Photo With Santa - it does not have to be perfect!  The one above is my favorite!  I love that Santa is smiling through while my little one is screaming for me.  It captures that year for her.  Don't stress about the photo, it'll be perfect simply because your children are in it.

These are 3 holiday moments that I cherish.  What are yours?  Merry Christmas!

Keep it simple...and full of peace and joy! ♥D

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