Saturday, October 25, 2014

Social NEED-ia

I wake up to my alarm and turn it off.  For the past several years now, my routine is to grab my phone first thing and check in.  I have to check my 2 email accounts, text messages, Facebook, Instgram, and Twitter feeds.  Then, I have to double check those feeds for my 3 children (responsible/stalker parenting).  Like most humans in the morning, I have to use the facilities, but this phone situation, delays that by about 10-15 minutes now.  Oh, the days of long ago when I just hit the alarm and got out of bed.  I have a hunch that 75% of you can relate to this.

Why is this a topic today?  Because this is a very relevant form of communication for many, many people.  Adult and children are using social media as a way of communicating thoughts and feelings.  Are you paying attention?  I was so relieved this week when a comment was made to me about one of my children from a friend.  He knew about my daughter because, as a responsible parent, he checks his child's media accounts and our children are friends.  We talked about the time it takes to sit and keep up with not only our own social media, but our children's too.  However, the invested time is worth it.

Children feel validated with the number of 'likes' they get.  Children feel validated with the number of 'friends' they get.  This is when I feel it switches from media to need-ia.  There's a competition to see who likes a post, a photo, a comment.  Sense of worth rises through this.  But, it shouldn't.  Those accounts, and 'friends' need to be cleaned out.  This is when parenting, and verbal discussions about loving yourself, and feeling validation through good works come in.

Have that real talk about many do you, as an adult, have in real life that matter most?  Have a talk about internet behaviors.  I found a great video to share with you today, and hope you share it with your children.  It's light-hearted, and covers some aspects of internet behaviors.  Enjoy it...and enjoy the media, just don't need it.

Keep it simple...and lightly social.  ♥D

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